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GRQ Safeguard Application Submission Form

Use the GRQ SafeGuard for quick and efficient “lock-out / tag out” of Hygienic Unions / Sanitary Joints


Protect your process and equipment! Jacoby-Tarbox’s GRQ SafeGuard, used with GRQ Engineered Hygienic Clamps, ensures a safe and secure tamper-resistant hygienic union connection.


Secure unions by adding tamper-proof tagging, locks, or other devices through the aligned security holes. Discourage opening or adjusting unions with other non-locking devices, such as cotter pins. The cross pin also limits nut travel, therefore maintaining mechanical integrity of unions.


  • Lock-out Tag-out

  • Protect expensive equipment

  • Maintain system integrity

  • Protect optimized seal load (compression)


We want to learn about your application/process. Please share your application via the link below, and we will send you a Jacoby-Tarbox GRQ Safeguard and Hexnut Clamp at no charge to you (see a few examples below).


STEP 1: Send us an explanation of your application for a safeguard use, and we will send you one....FOR FREE.

STEP 2: Once installed, send us a photo and we will send you a $15 GIFT CARD.


Please email if you have questions.

Click here to submit your application.

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