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Blend, mix, heat, and de-stratify your tank, vessel, or reactor contents without moving parts

Jacoby-Tarbox® TLA’s (Tank Liquid Agitators) are venturi-based mixing devices that can be used to blend, mix, heat, and de-stratify your tank, vessel, or reactor contents without introducing moving parts. Tank contents can be mixed as the volume is filled or recirculated to achieve your goal of mixing. This low-shear mixing device is an in-tank eductor that can be supplied in virtually any material of construction, as well as be mechanically polished, electropolished, or both. It will entrain three times the liquid being introduced, immediately improving mixing efficiency by moving four gallons for the cost of pumping one, or simply changing pump size to save money. Mechanical mixers require a spinning shaft to penetrate the tank and a special mechanical seal to isolate the internal tank environment. Magnetically driven mixers require a free element inside the tank that rests on the tank bottom, magnetically coupled to the drive outside. TLA’s require neither of these, only requiring a motive liquid, making them easier to clean.

The Problem:

A well known consumer goods company that makes liquid soap adds two different surfactants to their soap making process. Initially, they were using a mechanical mixer in the tank, causing them to have a first in, first out policy instead of being able to take fluid from every connection in the tank.

The Solution:

Jacoby-Tarbox Hygienic In-Tank Eductors (also known as Tank Liquid Agitators (TLAs)) were recommended in order to move the surfactant in the tank around to prevent stratification. Stratification of layers in the tank is not good for the company's process.

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