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Hy-Sight Hygienic Sight Flow Indicators - Cleanability Matters

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Sight flow indicators face the greatest scrutiny of all hygienic instruments and fittings. By definition, they invite everyone to look into them. Inferior units can hold material, increase cleaning time, decrease production, and may not have a long life.

Root cause:

Inferior construction and components can lead to cylinder misalignment or excessive seal (O

ring) compression, all of which lead to trapped or retained fluid and hopefully only increased

cleaning times, and not product contamination.


Design foundationally supported by ASME BPE dimensions, an EHEDG inspired O ring capture, and includes proprietary internal geometry to generate controlled internal turbulence to accelerate and enhance cleaning.

Even with all of the above, consistent machining and precision bore glass are still just the building blocks. Controlling alignment and compression are essential to success.

1. The alignment O ring ensures the tight tolerance of the precision bore glass is not wasted.

2. The positive stop design controls O ring compression with no special tools or torque wrench.

3. Fully captured, load bearing ACME thread design

a. Cannot trap debris

b. Eliminates cross threading

c. Reduces galling

d. Provides greater strength to support unit in piping system


Cleanability matters. Consistent and repeatable assembly leads to predictable performance.

Efficient cleaning maximizes processing cycle time, improves cleaning efficiency, and maximizes product integrity. Watch our video below on the Hy-Sight Hygienic Sight Flow Indicator.

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