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JT Hygienics Solution - Say Goodbye to the Top 4 Issues with Traditional Hygienic SFI's

Updated: Mar 23

Top 4 Issues with Traditional Hygienics Sight Flow Indicators:

  1. Without an effective and robust positive stop, over compression of the O-ring will cause intrusion to the ID. This will prevent full drainability, as product or cleaning solution can be trapped by the intruding O-ring inside the unit.

  2. The problem with the fine threads is - fine threads have a higher propensity to gall. This can literally lock the ends into the body. If this happens, the unit has to be thrown away, as there is no way to take it apart to replace glass and gaskets during any predictive and preventative maintenance. There is a lot of stress that can be put on these threads, specifically when the ends of the line that the unit is being installed into are not perfectly aligned. While not advisable, the normal practice is to pull the tubing ends into alignment with the sight flow at the clamp connections. This can load torque into the ends of the unit and damage the finer threads on some units.

  3. Some traditional units have threaded in ends that, if not threaded in equally on both ends during assembly, can show exposed threads. These threads can be a harbinger for bacteria that does not get cleaned away during normal wash down practices.

  4. Some units use clamps to attach the heads to the body. While this is not a problem, it does create additional weight on the line. This practice also becomes somewhat constrictive as additional clamps still need to be used to then clamp the assembly into the line. Clamps in such close proximity to each other make it tough to install these in areas where space is tight.


The Hy-Sight has the largest view of any slim, low profile sight flow indicator in the industry. It's positive stop design eliminates over compression of the seals and offers the cleanest transition. The Hy-Sight design has no exposed threads for bacteria to be trapped. Our ACME threads are better at resisting galling and will offer better connection support in horizontal installations.

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