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Lock-out, tag-out with the GRQ SafeGuard to ensure safety

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

A Pharmaceutical Company in the Midwest was performing an Air Quality Testing procedure that they are required to follow. A technician went into the suite to take the required air quality test from an in-line valve. While attempting to turn the knob on the valve, they inadvertently turned the wing nut on the clamp that was holding the valve in place and the pressurized line blew apart under 110psi. No injuries were reported, but the EHS department immediately went into prevention mode searching for a solution that would prevent this from happening again.

With the Jacoby-Tarbox GRQ SafeGuard installed with their standard lock-out, tag-out lock, the technician would no longer have access to the connection, thus preventing them from accidentally opening the connection under pressure or otherwise.

For more information on the SafeGuard, view the demonstration video below. #quality#video#testing#pharmaceutical#demo#safety#reliability

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