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Locking out critical connections is essential for both safety of operators and product integrity

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

THE PROBLEM: UNRELIABLE MEANS OF LOCKOUT / TAGOUT OF HYGIENIC UNIONS / JOINTS Operator safety and product integrity are every company’s top concerns. Securing sensitive, possibly dangerous, processes, or maintaining system integrity where vibration or thermal cycling occur are essential to success, and can be achieved through a proper lockout of the clamped union, or joint.

THE JACOBY-TARBOX® SOLUTION: GRQ SAFEGUARD The unique feature of the SafeGuard solution is the complete enclosure of the hex nut and swing bolt, making it impossible to open the clamp, or tamper with the connection without first removing it. It is the first line of defense against accidental opening.

With something as simple as a push pin or zip tie, the SafeGuard can trigger a "stop, think, ask" moment for operators prior to loosening the clamp connection. When more security is warranted, locks or multi-lock safety lockouts can be used. Critical connections are made safe and temper-resistant. Securing the clamps removes the opportunity to tamper with critical process components, or with products during storage or shipment.


SafeGuard offers secure unions by adding tamper-proof tagging, locks, or other devices through the aligned security holes. Discourage opening or adjusting unions with other non-locking devices, such as cotter pins. The cross pin also limits nut travel, therefore maintaining mechanical integrity of unions.

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