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Trapped by your bubble trap?

THE PROBLEM: Customer Trapped by Their Bubble Trap A customer in the Northeast US contacted us to replace their existing bubble trap. They wanted the updated bubble trap features available on new equipment. While their traditional trap did the job, it was difficult to clean, did not disperse bubbles efficiently, and drained slowly.

THE JACOBY-TARBOX® SOLUTION: HY-TRAP™ HYGIENIC BUBBLE TRAPS This customer is a frequent bubble trap user and had an existing piping system that we were able to exactly match all inlet and outlet details, while incorporating many of the advance design features found in the standard Hy-Trap™. The new trap includes:

· >10° Drain Angle to promote maximum drainability

· SF4 Wetted Surface finish

· L Shaped Seal – self centering to eliminate glass to metal impingement

· Standard 316 L , with other materials available

· USP Type 1 Borosilicate Cylinders, other options available

· Elastomers are all Class VI compliant and ADI Free

· Includes Pre-Tapped Mounting holes for installation on your equipment

· Includes accessory rail for mounting of your instrumentation

· Trap Heads are customizable to meet your instrumentation needs

Regardless of manufacturer, your bubble trap can be upgraded to a Jacoby-Tarbox Hy-Trap, quickly and efficiently. Most design features can be incorporated into current bubble trap piping systems.

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