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The Superior Hygienic Solution - Jacoby-Tarbox® Uni-San® Hygienic Sight Windows


A customer was searching for a sanitary fused sight window solution after experiencing supply chain disruptions with European manufacturers with their current sight window source. The customer also expressed dissatisfaction in paying an additional cost for an electropolish-finished product. They were paying more and waiting longer for this essential piece of equipment.


We were pleased to provide this customer with a product equivalent, made in the USA: the Jacoby-Tarbox® Uni-San® Hygienic Sight Window. UniSan Sight Windows come electropolished as a standard, meaning at no additional cost to our customers. New upgrades to the UniSan also include the part number, traceability information, and temperature/pressure ratings all on the face of the product. Other traditional manufacturers have this information on the side of the product, making it difficult to view once installed, should this information need to be referenced once processing is underway.

With UniSan, these concerns are diminished. For more information, watch our video below on the UniSan® Hygienic Sight Window product updates.

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