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Pump, mix, and heat with no moving parts - pharma, biotech, & food applications

Updated: Mar 23

DID YOU KNOW? You can pump, mix, and heat with no moving parts! Check out our line of in-tank & in-line eductors for #pharma, #biotech, and #food applications.

Our eductors offer consistent performance over a wide range of sizes and customizable configurations for both in-line and in-tank applications.

The geometry used follows the widely used industrial sizes, now updated for hygienic applications.

• Eight in line models for liquid, gas, and steam applications

• In tank units for mixing, blending, and heating

Design Features

• Wetted surface finishes: SF 4

• Seals: (in-line) UPS Class VI

• CIP / SIP: System must be flushed from motive and suction to ensure proper cleaning


• 1” - 4” standard

• Custom: Consult Factory

In-line units start highly custom nozzle and discharge inserts.

• Body: Standard Tee

• Clamps: GRQ Engineered Hygienic clamps standard for optimum performance

• GRQ SafeGuards and push pins standard to discourage tampering and deviating from the optimal settings from the factory

Check out our In-Tank Eductor / Tank Liquid Agitator (TLA) with Supply Piping & Mount below.

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